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So if you have any suggestions, bug reports or feature requests, that is the place to get support. See you there!

Due to people using this site for Gumtree scams, we are currently only sending sms for logged-in users, if you dont have an account, create one, and your messages will send.

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Currently we support sending messages to all known UK networks, including o2, vodafone, orange, t-mobile, giffgaff, virgin, tesco, fresh, white mobile, now mobile and many more. We may add support for international messages in the near future.

133557 messages sent since 01 July 2013
This site employs embedded hardware in order to send messages, including a Raspberry Pi, an android mobile phone and various 3G dongles. We are a relatively "new kid on the block" so there may sometimes be issues in sending, but generally it should be very reliable. We will never sell your information to third parties. We do not permit spam to be sent from this site, and we actively monitor for people using the site for the purposes of trolling and bullying. If you are using this site via an embedded project of your own, please contact us for permission, since if we detect high volumes of automated SMS, we may block you from using the site.
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